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New tenancy cleaning is crucial for property managers and landlords to rent their house or apartment at the desired rates.


Aussie Cleaning offers deep cleaning and sanitization services to keep your business clean and your clients impressed. Call, text, or submit an inquiry for a quote.


Let our team do the dirty work for you. Hire us to do your house cleaning so you can spend more time with Family and Friends. Aussie specializes in initial deep cleans and books recurring express services on a case by case basis.

" Get tailored services that suit your property at competitive prices"

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When your old tenants move out of your rental property, it requires a professional clean before new tenants move in. This is because rental properties need a pristine condition to be rented out fast. Our cleaning is fast, DETAIL-oriented, and aims to cover every square foot of your interior within our reach.

We aim to leave no print behind paying attention to switchboards, doors, and walls. Our cleaners consider the structure of the home to be as important as it contents. Our cleaners will wipe off all the edges and corners from dirt, rub the floors, clean tiles and grout, and clear all cabinets and closets. Along with that, they’ll also clean and disinfect the kitchen and bathrooms. For additional services such as outer area and garage cleanup, you can request assistance!

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Let’s face it! Cleaning a rental property can be daunting and time-consuming for new tenants and landlords alike. Aussie cleaning is a full-range, professional service that makes it easy to give your rental property the deep clean it deserves.

Our dedicated team of fully licensed, insured, industry trained, and reliable cleaners are always ready to provide you with high-quality tenancy cleaning services whenever or wherever you need them in Portland.


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