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New Tenancy

New tenancy cleaning is crucial for property managers and landlords to rent their house or apartment at the desired rates.


Aussie Cleaning offers deep cleaning and sanitization services to keep your business clean and your clients impressed. Call, text, or submit an inquiry for a quote.


Let our team do the dirty work for you. Hire us to do your house cleaning so you can spend more time with Family and Friends. Aussie specializes in initial deep cleans and books recurring express services on a case by case basis.

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Hassle-Free Estate Preparation

Aussie Cleaning offers hassle-free Estate Preparation for Sale services that give you the most professional advantage over any would-be buyers out there. We ensure that your home can secure the highest price possible through our range of services.
Aussie Cleaning Services

Detailed Sale Preparation

Making sure your property is really tidy for potential buyers can be nerve-racking. Not only do you have to focus on making sure all the rooms are perfectly prepared, but the thought and effort needed to make everything look its best can be a big headache. Aussie Cleaning Services takes all the hassle out of the estate preparation for the sale process.

We pay attention to the structure of your home (trim, walls, paneling, build-ins, etc.) as well as the contents. Our goal is to get your home ‘picture perfect.’ With our service, you can focus entirely on the sale of your home and forego the nasty surprises. Contact us for a quote today.

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Our Estate Preparation Process

To sell your property, you need to present it in the best light. However, maintaining it in pristine condition can be a full-time job and costs both time and money. We take pride in our uncanny ability to make your dirty homes look as if they’re unoccupied and ready for the next Family.

We take each project step-by-step, from the initial walk-thru to the final touches polishing chrome, sinks, and hardware. We’ll stage your property with meticulous care by dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and washing your baseboards, cabinetry, blinds & window tracks. For additional services like garage and outside cleanup, give us a call!


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